River Rock Colorado


RiverRock has been a leader in Colorado’s cannabis community since 2009. Our respect for the cannabis plant and our customers is expressed through our quality, lab-tested products from top-notch brands. We operate two medical and recreational dispensaries in Denver, offering a full range of flower, creams, shatter, wax, oils, edibles, vaporization cartridges and other cannabis-infused products. We work everyday to educate the world about cannabis and its role in a healthy lifestyle.


At RiverRock, we’re committed to providing our patients and customers with best-in-class cannabis products and personalized experiences. Our team has deep roots in Colorado’s cannabis community and take pride in sharing the passion and respect we have for the cannabis plant.

We strive to be a global leader in the regulated cannabis market, and our respect for the plant and consumer is proven through our delivery of high-quality, lab tested products. RiverRock founders Norton Arbelaez and John Kocer are also established industry leaders who have helped pioneer the regulated cannabis industry nationwide.