As humans, we enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones; and sometimes, we consume marijuana to enhance our fun times with each other. However, some of us also enjoy cannabis when no one else is around. To some, this may seem odd, or even anti-social, but consuming cannabis alone can and does allow for some self-reflection, and can give a little kick when it comes to inspiration and creativity.

If you’re not afraid of the “Loner Stoner” life, try some of these fun (and safe) activities on your next lifted solo adventure.

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Watch a Movie or Play a Video Game
One of the easiest things to do when you’re on your own and stoned. Turn on the tv and find that movie you haven’t had the time to watch yet, or dive back into a video game you’ve taken a break from. It’s always fun to get lost in the new plot of a movie, or finally beat that level you were stuck on the last time you played the game.

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Make Art
Whether you’re a painter, sketch artist, graphic designer, or other form of artist, it’s always a blast to dig back into a project and get your hands dirty (metaphorically or literally). Depending on the strain, consuming marijuana can give you a blast of creativity and inspiration, and may even lead to the lightbulb idea you’ve been waiting for to finish off your art piece.

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Spend Time Outside
There’s nothing like smoking a joint, taking an edible, or pulling a few hits off your vape and taking a walk. Just taking in the outdoors and all the colors, no matter what season, is refreshing and puts you at ease. If you don’t feel like going for a walk, you can simply sit on your porch, patio, or front steps and enjoy the fresh air.

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Clean Up the House
Again, depending on the strain, you can get a great energy boost while high, and there’s no better time than to clean the hell out of your place while you have the spurt of energy. Make the kitchen spotless, vacuum the living room, or, if you’re brave enough, make your bathroom fit for a king (or queen).

good-looking man with eyes closed sitting on carpet in Lotus Pose and meditating at home

Self-Reflection + Meditation
We’ve all been there; when you’re stoned, you get ridiculously thoughtful, sometimes to the point where it’s overwhelming. The benefit of being alone in the midst of the thought crossfire is being able to take your time and think yourself out of your own head, or even discover new aspects of yourself through meditation.

For some, getting high and being social comes naturally and is one of the most fun parts of partaking; and for others, getting high is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and enjoy some “you time”. This takes the form of art projects, catching up on shows or movies, cleaning, or exploring the great outdoors, just to name a few activities. From social toker to loner stoner, it never hurts to withdraw briefly and reconnect with yourself. While it’s important to be social and get out into the world, it’s just as valuable to spend some time with yourself and check in on number one: You.