You’ve just gotten home from your favorite dispensary and ready to try out the chocolate bar you purchased during your visit. You unwrap the delicious treat, and suddenly wonder: “How much of this should I eat?” You mull it over for a few minutes, and decide that starting with just one is enough for now. An hour or so later, you are still waiting for the candy to kick in, so you take another one, which eventually elevates you to the desired feeling.

When it comes to edibles, a common question is “how much should I consume at one time?” Although generally this may appear as a straightforward question (and answer), the science behind edible dosage suggests more intricate answers. Cannabis effects everyone differently, regardless of its chemical build, meaning that what one person feels with a strain like Blue Dream, for example, may not hold true for someon else. Factors like weight/BMI and frequency of consumption can impact the power of the cannabinoids within a person’s system, decreasing the level of high.

According to sources like Leafly, there is a happy medium when it comes to dosage. Between one to fifteen milligrams (mg) yields a pleasant relief from pain, stress and anxiety, with fifteen mg being on the stronger end of that spectrum. Fifteen to thirty mg can have some negative effects for less experienced consumers (anxiety, etc.), while thirty to one hundred mg per dosage is generally a route experienced consumers and medical patients take. Check out the Leafly dosage grid here.

In short, the amount of edibles you take at one time can be tied to your desired high, your tolerance level (i.e. how often you consume cannabis products), and inner workings of your system that you’re not in control of. If you want to “take the edge off”, it might be wiser to start with one piece of chocolate, one gummy, etc.; if you are a medical patient, for example, you might require a higher dosage each time due to certain health conditions. Don’t be afraid to experiment (carefully) with dosage and frequency of usage so you can find your own perfect level of elevation. 

Note on consuming edibles responsibly: As a rule of thumb, allow yourself roughly two hours between doses (eating a piece of the edible) to let the cannabis move through your system. If you aren’t feeling anything after two hours, feel free to consume a second piece. Effects typically last four hours. Don’t eat ‘em all in one day! *wink*