“High Love You”: 6 Simple Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine’s Day

The weather may be less than ideal at this time of year, but Valentine’s Day always brings an amazing warmth to the remaining winter months. This day is all about celebrating the people we care about, whether it’s a significant other, family members, or your best friend. Regardless of who you’re celebrating with this year, here are some fun and simple ways to express your love with some “uplifting” additions:

Chocolates & Candy

Who doesn’t love to have some sweet snacks on this day of romance? Kick things off with some delicious chocolate, or, if you aren’t a fan, sweet or sour treats are always a good route to take. Remember, if you both partake, stop by your local dispensary to see what kinds of munchies they have in stock!

Valentines day couple with flowers

Bring Flowers

One of the simplest ways to get your hunny in the mood! It’s oldschool, thoughtful, and a sure way to bring out the smiles and kickstart the good vibes. If you want to add a layer of fun, hide an 1/8th of their favorite strain in the bouquet, or pack it full of joints for you both to enjoy.

Couple cooking dinner together

Cook a Meal Together

The couple that cooks together stays together. Many couples love going out for a fine dining experience on Valentine’s Day, but there’s something exciting about bringing the experience into your own kitchen. Pop open a bottle of wine, play some music, and discover a new recipe. You can make this recipe “special” by adding THC-infused oil or Ripple dissolving powder.

Romantic Walk

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the brisk night air and evening silence. Depending on the weather and location, why not take a walk with your loved one(s) and experience the calm? It’s always fun to spark up before your walk, too, but definitely not a requirement.

Green cannabis thc cbd infused bath bomb

Luxurious Bath

If you or someone you love has those long and stressful days, this might be for you! Self care is important, and there’s little that can kickstart the “me time” part of your day and clear your mind like a hot bath. Add some sizzle with a THC/CBD infused bath bomb to ensure you and/or your special someone gets the most out of the chill time. 

Relaxing Massage

Speaking of relaxation, nothing says “I love you” like a good massage. There are countless people out there who would love for their significant other to do this, so why not give your partner an extra reason to brag about you? To ensure the muscles are nice and relaxed, try using THC/CBD oil. It’ll work wonders!

Valentine’s Day is the time for love and appreciation. It’s a chance for everyone to express themselves to each other in a meaningful and fun way. This may seem extra tricky to do these days, but the gesture doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. It can be as simple as showing up with a bouquet and sweets, a home-cooked meal, or a shared moment under the stars. As long as the intention to express love is clear, you can’t go wrong!