Getting high has plenty of benefits both recreationally and medically. It can reduce pain, increase creativity, relax the muscles, and keep anxiety at bay. But, sometimes, depending on the frequency of our consumption of the plant, it can become difficult to achieve the effects we used to get. That’s because we’ve built up a tolerance to THC/CBD (like we would to a particularly obnoxious relative who comes to Thanksgiving, for example). Some cannabis consumers are very aware of their tolerance and how to increase/decrease it, and others are left wondering where to begin. Here’s a bit of information on cannabis tolerance to get you started.

What Is Cannabis Tolerance?

Tolerance to marijuana depends on several factors. For a first-time consumer, the out-the-gate tolerance might depend on sex, BMI (Body Mass Index), and potency of the product. Frequency of consumption is also a factor for more avid consumers (i.e. weekly, daily, etc.). In other words, it takes more product to get a daily smoker/consumer to the same level of high as it might take a first-timer or less-frequent consumer.

How Can I Change My Tolerance?

When it comes to managing your tolerance for cannabis, there are a couple ways to go about it. One option is you can stop consuming for a duration of 2-3 days to 4 weeks to flush out excess cannabinoids and reactivate dormant cannabinoid receptors. The longer you abstain from it, the more likely you are to get your tolerance back down to a level you are happy with. Another option is to switch things up, i.e. trade in your usual sativa flower choice for an indica, or swap out the TasteBudz gummies for a Dutch Girl waffle, etc. This option leaves consumers free to play around with new options.

Consuming marijuana can be a fun, relaxing experience for some, and a welcome escape from physical ailments for others. Either way, frequent consumption can lead to increased tolerance, which means less of a high, and (potentially) more money spent. Taking time to lower tolerance if you aren’t seeing the same results as before may be the perfect solution for you in both mind and wallet.