Food is one of the great pleasures in life. It is part of our every day routine, makes celebrations all the more enjoyable, and can even help mend a broken heart or improve a bad day (we all have our go-to comfort food – mine’s Thai food). However, sometimes, medications – or simply one’s mood – can do a number on one’s hunger, sometimes completely eliminating the desire. If you’re one of these folks who sometimes struggles with hunger (or lack thereof), try these strains to boost your appetite and get on your way to a full belly!

Blue Dream

One of the more prominent types of cannabis, this strain makes it possible to still function while also kicking your appetite into gear. A great balance of sativa and indica effects make this flower one of the top choices for those looking to chow down during their Turkey Day.

Critical Mass

A crowd favorite, this heavy-hitter is outstanding for stimulating appetite, but users warn that you shouldn’t be surprised if you fall into a food-coma for a while after lunch. Considering it’s Thanksgiving, who’s complaining about naptime after a good meal?

Girl Scout Cookies

If you’re looking to combine euphoria and good vibes with a powerhouse of munchies, GSC is the strain for you. Enjoy a comfortable, happy high while also gearing yourself up to go in on that turkey leg. Trust us, you won’t need to coax yourself too hard into devouring your next plate after a bowl of this flower.

Do Si Dos

Enjoy a carefree, easy-going feeling with this strain, perfect for a chill night in. Not only does this type of cannabis produce the euphoria many users and patients enjoy, but it also brings out the munchies. If you want to be able to enjoy your plate and your family, give this strain a shot.

Whether you’re a medical patient or recreational user, sometimes we all need a little boost when it comes to our appetite, especially during the holidays. With all the good food to taste, it’s no wonder we seek a little help from our friends. The list of appetite-inducing strains doesn’t stop here, however. There are plenty of options waiting to be discovered when it comes to inducing hunger, so ask your budtender which strains they recommend at your next visit.