We’ve all seen them at our local dispensary; small bottles lining the shelves with the twist off “eye dropper” cap. Some of us have even had experience using them. THC tinctures are yet another way for medical patients and recreational users to consume marijuana to great effect. Although not the go-to method for putting cannabis in one’s system, tinctures are great for those who prefer a smoke-free experience.

Fun Fact: These alcohol-based extracts (i.e. cannabis-infused alcohol) were actually the main form of marijuana medicine before cannabis prohibition was enacted.

A common way to use tinctures is to take the eyedropper tool and take 1 mL under your tongue (sublingually). The time it takes for the THC to take effect when using tinctures this way is typically one hour. If you’re a beginner, taking one drop will probably do the trick, but if you desire a more powerful high, multiple drops may be used (know your limits so you don’t get uncomfortably high!).

Another way tinctures are used is with food and drinks. The key here is to ensure that you add the infused alcohol AFTER you are done cooking your meal or beverage. Adding before or during the cooking process could risk reducing the potency of the extract. For example, let’s say you’re whipping up a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and gravy. You’d want to wait until the food is ready to serve before adding the drop(s) to it so it remains strong and with the desired effects.

Whether you’re looking to get a quick, smoke-free high or wanting to add the “special” ingredient into your favorite recipe, tinctures are a fantastic method of consuming marijuana. Often the unsung hero of the industry, these small bottles have the potential to pack quite the punch. So, if you’re new to this avenue of consumption, we suggest start slow and build up to multiple tinctures over time. Ask us about tinctures at your next visit!