The Colombian with one of the largest business selling marijuana legal US

Under the First International Conference on Alternatives to the use of psychoactive substances, the Ministry of Health welcomed to Norton Arbelaez, Colombian lawyer who was part of the process of legalization of recreational use of marijuana and drove from his activism, the reform of drug policy in the United States, becoming one of the most prominent business entrepreneurs in Denver, Colorado.

Currently the business Arbelaez is one of the largest in the state, the company has six clinics and two stores for the distribution of cannabis.

” We grow 100% of cannabis that we sell .” Colombian businessman says that legalizing marijuana is one of the most effective ways to eradicate drug trafficking and violence tools, “They’re taking the business to theblack market, they take 70 years working it and have become rich through smuggling “.

Following the legalization of recreational use in Denver, Colorado , they have entered the excess of 1.2 million with a mechanism for maximum sales per consumer of an ounce earnings State, worth $ 200, a strategy that is used to regulate the individual consumption.

Arbelaez said that Colorado law have allowed the business to maintain a base of legality and inherent to drug trafficking, “there is a system of strict licensing with the State of Colorado, employers may not have criminal record, must be residents of the state and the authorities make a trace of finance to ensure that there is no criminal element and drug dealer in the business. ”

Norton Arbelaez ensures that the policy of prohibiting consumption has failed in the war against drug cartels and the problematic use of psychoactive substances.

Arbelaez agrees that legalization allows reducing consumption by strict access controls, in this case, is the Department of Revenue Colorado in charge of monitoring the distribution through video cameras, considering that is prohibited the sale of cannabis to people under 21 years and the departure of the goods the state.

“This is a social investment, we are changing the paradigm of the fight against drugs , ” concluded Norton Arbelaez.