“Hey, buddy!” Jason Bles, the Operations Director, greets me as I stroll in the door and past the register. He’s wearing one of his customary jerseys, however my lack of knowledge on sports keeps me from knowing which team he’s supporting today. I head to the office as he continues to weigh out bags of weed – part of his normal routine. I continue to get set up as he shuffles around the store with the help of the rest of the team. It’s another typical morning at RiverRock.

A Southeast Missouri native, Bles has roots in Cape Girardeau. Although once an area with a not-so-enthusiastic outlook on marijuana, Bles says his hometown now openly accepts the plant as a legitimate form of medication. His adventures in Colorado began during family ski trips, and he eventually relocated in 2015 to pursue a career in cannabis. 

Bles has been in the cannabis industry for about five years, and is approaching eight months on the RiverRock team. His first position in the industry was at an all medical dispensary where he grew passionate about caring for patients who needed assistance with pain relief due to illness. “Helping those alleviate their pain by providing them something doctors cannot is by far my favorite part of this industry,” says Bles. “I also have been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing people and gain so many life-long friends, which would not have been possible in other industries.”

When it comes to where he sees the industry in ten years, Bles has an optimistic outlook. He says the most surprising part of being in cannabis is the rapid growth of states willing to vote in medical marijuana, which makes him very excited! He also believes/hopes marijuana will be legal everywhere within the next decade (something we are all hoping for!).

In his free time, Bles enjoys going to concerts, playing golf, crossword puzzles, skiing, and drinks with friends. He prefers to consume cannabis via vapes and dabs. Find him at the North or South stores and say hi!

RiverRock North: 4935 York St.

RiverRock South: 990 W. 6th Ave.