Hemp Hard at Work: 5 Products Made from Cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, there’s plenty of different ways it can be used in the every-day world. We all know that it’s commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, elevating the mind and body for a certain period of time, but we often forget the ordinary/common ways it’s used by those who do not partake in getting high. Here’s 5 ways cannabis – or in this case, hemp – is used that doesn’t involve getting stoned.


Not all hemp lotion contains CBD. Now that hemp has made its way (back) into the health and wellness spotlight, more people have started to flock to this type of lotion out of both curiosity and previously-gained knowledge. Did you know that hemp seed oil has key amino acids and essential nutrients for skin health? It’s also more environmentally friendly than other body moisturizers.


What do you know about hempcrete? This combination of hemp shivs and lime can be used for walls, floors and roof insulation. It’s lightweight and reduces construction costs, not to mention it’s environmentally friendly. Learn more about hemp and construction here.


Hemp is known as one of the most versatile and durable natural fibers. Because of this, it has historically been used to make items like rope and sails, but has also been used to make clothing. Once it’s been processed into fabric, hemp has a similar texture to cotton, and is also highly durable. Where a cotton t-shirt may last up to 10 years, hemp shirts could last potentially twice or three-times that length of time.


When it comes to consumption of hemp, it helps to remind yourself that just because you are eating something made from hemp seeds/cannabis, does not mean you are going to get high. There may be trace amounts of THC, but nowhere near enough to give the feeling of being stoned. When it comes to the scientific breakdown of hemp, it is known to contain iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and vitamins C, B, A and E. Seeds can be used to produce hemp milk, oil, and cheese substitutes, just to name a few.


Although they come from the same plant, CBD oil and hemp seed oil are not one and the same. Hemp oil has been extracted from the seeds of the industrial hemp variety of cannabis sativa. CBD or cannabidiol oil is from the cannabis sativa plant itself (not the seeds). It’s extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, and stalks of matured hemp plants so it can yield more benefits because there are still different chemicals that are included in the oil. Click here for a complete breakdown of hemp seed oil and CBD oil differences and comparisons.

The next time you think you talk about hemp, remember it’s variety of uses not just as a cannabis sativa that has medical and recreational benefits, but also in the construction, clothing/fashion industry, and even food and drink. Get more familiar with the different ways it is being integrated into the mainstream through oils, lotions, etc. Don’t be afraid to try some of these unique options for yourself! Whether it’s buying your first hemp t-shirt, or trying your hand at cooking a dish with hemp-derived ingredients. The sky truly is the limit with this amazing plant.